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The modular hen house that can be individually adapted to your needs – and those of your chickens.

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At a glance

A Hanehus coop is the pretty roof over your chickens’ crests, assembled exactly as you want, thanks to its modular design. Assembling a Hanehus coop is very easy and can be done in a few minutes without a toolbox or any other assistance. It is held together only by quick-fit joints and magnetic connections, and is therefore very easy to dismantle again into its constituent parts, which also makes cleaning much easier!

The VIDEO below shows you how it’s done.

You also get your own price for your own coop, since this is largely determined by the type and number of modules you want – so you have a degree of control over the price you pay.

We have followed the idea of the modular system down to the last detail. This means you can adapt and change your hen house to suit your individual needs – and you don’t even need a toolbox for this. If your needs and your environment change, you can add more parts to your coop at any time, or combine the existing parts in different ways. We have even applied for a patent for this.


The Hanehus coop is designed for small to medium-sized chicken breeds, because we are convinced that keeping large chickens only makes sense in a commercial context. Depending on the chosen configuration (one or two storeys) and the size of the chickens, you can house up to 8 chickens in a Hanehus coop.

The surface area of a Hanehus coop is 35 x 35 in, with the roof extending beyond the side walls by a further 6 inches (at the front), 4 in (where it is hinged) and 2 in (at the sides). The height is 51 in (2-storey) or 30 in (1-storey).

The area of the interior measures 34 x 34 in. A lot of space is normally lost by installing feeders, water troughs, etc. In a Hanehus, these facilities are attached to the outside of the coop in the form of window modules. This means that the inside area is actually available for the chickens to move around in.


Exactly where you place your chicken coop will of course depend greatly on the setup of your garden. However, there are certain basic principles that you should keep in mind:

Close to the house in direct view

This way you don’t have far to get to your coop, plus you will see your chickens more often – which is a lot of fun.

At the edge of the run (outside area)

This means that you do not need to enter the run to clean the coop, collect eggs etc. and your shoes stay clean even in autumn and winter.

Shade in the summer, sun in the winter

To keep your coop nice and cool in summer, it should be in the shade at least during the midday hours. In the winter months, it should be in a place that is as sunny as possible.

Clever use of the window modules

You can easily control the brightness, heat and fresh air inside the barn by using the window modules flexibly.

You can find more details on the topic of “placement selection” in the BLOG article entitled, “How to find the best location for your chicken coop”.


Assembling a Hanehus coop is very easy and can be done in a few minutes without a toolbox or any other assistence.

The VIDEO below shows you how it’s done.


All Hanehus products are made of wood – a wonderful, natural product. Each piece has a unique grain pattern and its own shades of colour, thanks to the knots and annual rings of the tree. Due to variations in light conditions and humidity, the outer appearance of our products is in a constant state of flux. This is how, among other things, a natural “darkening” occurs over time.

If the wood were to be completely exposed to all weathers with no protection, damage would occur in just a few weeks. Therefore, all our products are treated with an appropriate surface protectant.

To avoid damage later, this protection should be reapplied, preferably after one year, and at the latest after two years – at least on exposed areas.


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