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Various cavity-nesting birds, such as tits and nuthatches, will find a cozy home for their offspring in this nesting box.

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Doing good: With our nesting boxes you can easily do good for the world around you: You can offer endangered garden birds of all kinds a home and a safe breeding place – from the egg to the first flight attempt!

Convenient: To make cleaning easier, the nesting box can be disassembled into its constituent parts in seconds – and like all Hanehus products: not a single tool required.

Sophisticated: On the inside, there are grooves in the shape of a ladder so that the young birds – when the big day arrives – can more easily climb up the rough surface towards the entrance hole and dare their first attempts at flight.

If you combine the nesting house with a feeder, you can ensure that the birds are well fed all year round and will find plenty of food near the nesting box, especially during breeding season.

You can read which bird species you will attract with this nesting box in the BLOG section. Here you will also find more information (among other things) on the topics of bird mortality and bird protection.



incl. roof: 9 x 8 in

excl. roof: 7 x 6 in


11 in


This closed nesting box is best attached to a tree trunk at a height of 2 to 4 metres. The entrance hole should be facing to the (south) east.

While the Nisthus LUKKET as a closed nesting box is best fixed to a tree trunk, the semi-open nesting box “Nisthus HULE” is better placed on the wall of a building. Both types should be mounted at a height of 2 to 4 metres and be facing (south) east.

More details on the topic of “What is the optimal location for a nesting box?” can be found in the BLOG section.


You can easily mount your Vuglhus feeder without tools or extra parts. And our number one choice:

  • On a tree: Hanging your Vuglhus is 100% tree-friendly. Simply wrap the natural fibre rope around the tree and tie the ends together in a knot – preferably directly above a side branch to prevent it from slipping down later. You can find instructions on how to tie two rope ends safely and neatly HERE.
  • On a wall: The central opening at the back of the birdfeeder can be used for mounting with wall hooks or something similar.

TITLE - EN: Maintenance

All Hanehus products are made of wood – a wonderful, natural product. They consist of high-quality 3-ply larch wood panels.

Each piece has a unique grain pattern and its own shades of colour, thanks to the knots and annual rings of the tree. Due to variations in light conditions and humidity, the outer appearance of our products is in a constant state of flux. This is how, among other things, a natural “darkening” occurs over time.

If the wood were to be completely exposed to all weathers with no protection, damage would occur in just a few weeks. Therefore, all our products are protected by a high-quality, environmentally friendly, natural, wax-based coating (breathable, water-repellent, self-cleaning). To avoid damage later, this protection should be reapplied after one year at exposed areas, and on all other areas as required every 2-3 years.


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