Window module FRESH AIR

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The window module for a pleasant breeze in summer.

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At a glance

The main purpose of the AIR window module is to maximize the supply of fresh air to the inside of the barn. It also allows a relatively large amount of sunlight to enter the barn and provides a good view into the barn interior.

Safe: The width of the slits is 0,8 inches. This means there is no way through for foxes, martens etc.

Recommended number

2 in the large coop and 1 in the small one.

Measurements (W / H / D)

17 / 13 / 0,8 in


All Hanehus products are made of wood – a wonderful, natural product. They consist of high-quality 3-ply larch wood panels.

Each piece has a unique grain pattern and its own shades of colour, thanks to the knots and annual rings of the tree. Due to variations in light conditions and humidity, the outer appearance of our products is in a constant state of flux. This is how, among other things, a natural “darkening” occurs over time.

If the wood were to be completely exposed to all weathers with no protection, damage would occur in just a few weeks. Therefore, all our products are protected by a high-quality, environmentally friendly, natural, wax-based coating (breathable, water-repellent, self-cleaning). To avoid damage later, this protection should be reapplied after one year at exposed areas, and on all other areas as required every 2-3 years.


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